Gumbo Marie Dolls

_1A voodoo dollsGumbo Marie Dolls

These elite, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Gumbomarie Dolls have been sold around the world, including Africa, Australia, and Japan. Each doll comes with a tignon about her head and the kwasiyen across its chest.

_1A saints

Fabrics, themes, and colors are all chosen by creator Dianne Honore’ as seen in The New Orleans Tribune August issue. She received the prestigious 2013 Recognition Award from Louisiana Creole Research Association for contributions to society through her truthful historical storytelling.


As the dolls are one of a _1Ameon Tribunekind and continuously moving, please contact us for more information on availability and pricing. Dianne will also take special orders on dolls.  Dolls measure about 10 inches tall.  They come with a stand or can be ordered in a shadowbox.

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